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Posted on September 12, 2013 Happy Medical with the products manufactured by Happy Medical Co. Ltd. ,South Korea and the main leading company in Healthcare & Medical equipment all over the world and famous by Happy Dreams .Its products main important features is that its stone i.e. GERMANIUM stone which has the only quality to emit Far Infrared rays .All know the importance of FIR Rays , it is ray of Life, this rays therapy can cure the cancer and so many diseases without operating. All these qualities is in built in Happy Medical Products. ALL 7000 Automatic Thermotherapy stimulant is a kind of Bed in which one can experience while lying down on the Bed deep body & mind Relaxation & feel an out of the world experience in just 40 minutes of Massage. It corrects the whole spinal vertebrae column & releases muscular spasms & Nerve compressions. It rectifies Postural Disorders & aligns the Inter vertebrae Disc space thus regulating the blood circulation & flow of oxygen to all our organs ensuring their original function. You would also be the Part of Happy Dream as a distributor in your own localities and bring in maximum Earnings for more details contact sanjay 9968031845 or email happymedicalindia(at)gmail(.)com
Contact the seller Gandhinagar ₹129,000.00

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